Monday, December 8, 2008


“Sinn Fein actually support illegal immigrants! Eastern Europeans, particularly Poles, are the same religion as Sinn Fein/IRA. Poland is 96% Catholic and Lithuania is 69% Catholic - these were the two European nations mentioned in the BT article. This kind of immigration can only help the Sinn Fein/IRA cause, which is a united Ireland under the Pope. The EU's aim is that mainland Britain should suffer the same fate - and the Mozzies are also a means to that end. Mozzie aggression is a means of driving the British population back into the 'fold,' as the Pope will be perceived as the only leader of any substance willing to stand up to them. He never really apologised for his anti-Mozzie remarks, only regretted that he had been 'misunderstood.'”

“The IRA and the Nazis all belonged to the same [Catholic] church. Their blood-brotherhood in terror (along with Islam and the ANC) should surprise no-one”.

Islam is a Vatican creation”. “Both Catholicism and Islam have a common objective - the destruction of Protestant Britain”Further, on the blog of BNP newspaper editor Martin Wingfield, Alan O’Reilly asserts that “all the world's religions, including Islam, are gradually merging to worship the Catholic BVM. This is not good news for England's identity, any more than the armada of 1588 was”.

“the real enemy, which is the same one Britain has always had since Henry VIII broke with Rome in the 16th century. It's just a question of straegy and tactics to suit the times, as in 1588 (Armada), 1642 (Civil War), Stewart Pretenders (1715, 1745), Napoleon (1815), Kaiser Wilhelm II (1914), Adolf (1939-40). All the tyrants alluded to belonged to the same church as Sharia Blair, with the exception of the Kaiser and he was a sympathiser, allied to Catholic Austria-Hungary. Adams and McGuinness have been described as "two fine f****** Catholic boys" by IRA heavy Brian Keenan, who masterminded the Libya-IRA connection, i.e. Mozzies and Papists colluding to murder British security personnel”.

“Rome's premier target was the 1611 Authorised King James Bible .. he main attack was orchestrated by Romish Anglican Cambridge academics .. They produced the Revised Version of 1881, a Catholic bible that was the forerunner of all the modern bibles that have effectively marginalised the national church”.

“Unfortunately, the [Coronation] Oath was tampered with in 1910, to remove the clause whereby the monarch is supposed to disavow the Catholic mass, in accordance with Article 31 of the Church of England’s 39 Articles of Religion .. which is one reason, I believe, why Britain became embroiled in WW1 a mere 4 years after the Oath was corrupted. God is not mocked”

“If you want to know who set up WW1, 2, for example, read ‘The Vatican Against Europe’ and’ The Secret History of the Jesuits’ by Edmond Paris, a French writer who was murdered by Jesuits for his publications against them”.

“It was even a Jesuit, Fr. Staempfle, who 'ghosted' Adolf Hitler in the writing of Mein Kampf. Even Hitler had part-Jewish ancestry, as did other leading Nazis but that did not stop him from instigating the murder of 6,000,000 European Jews. That was because he and all the leading Nazis, plus the commandants of the death camps; Hoess, Koch, Stangl etc. all belonged to the same [Catholic] religion - which was not Judaism.You have no chance of winning any war if you can't identify the enemy [i.e. Catholics]”.

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