Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Islamic response to the diversity agenda

When I was growing up in Canada I increasingly felt an urge to go out of my way to promote my identity and flaunt it (I'm Palestinian btw). However, as I grew up I realised there was something wrong with the entire culture that encourages minorities to act like ethnic gangsters (even spoiled middle class brats who never lived in an ethnic ghetto) or to encourage them to be ultra-liberal dupes that support crap like affirmative action.
Frankly the politically correct affirmative action culture that has evolved is sickening. The other day my friend was happy to tell me about some place in Scotland or somewhere where they forced the workers not to eat in public during Ramadan out of respect for Muslim workers. I told him that's bullshit man (we're Muslim too). Because first of all, I told him do you think the establishment in the UK, which engages in Imperialist wars and the media establishment which is continously degrading Muslims and creating an irrational fear of all Muslims, sincerely cares about the interests of Muslims or any minority for that matter? I mentioned that this is a deliberate agenda to create ethnic and religious tensions in most western countries (why else, with the so-called Muslim threat, do thousands of Muslims immigrate to Canada every year?).
Besides, as Muslims living in a non-Muslim country, we have to put up with the fact that most people don't follow our customs and traditions - but who cares as long as we can do them ourselves? Frankly, I wouldn't feel comfortable imposing my values on co-workers and I know also that it would piss them off. But on the other hand it is easy to dupe minorities because white people themselves have either been duped into supporting this agenda, or these minorities have experienced the occassional rascist incident (which isn't really a big deal as long as it's not systematic or serious like the old days) making them more receptive to this diversity crap.
I'm sorry to say Henry, most white people I've encountered are complete dupes that lack self-esteem with regards to their culture (maybe cause of the continuous media and education campaign against them). When I was in university, sometimes I'd throw the question to some friends like 'How come it's ok for minorities to make fun of white people and not the other way around.' Most people would stay quiet since the question was kind of innapproriate or they would mumble some crap about it being okay since they are the majority or because of their history (i.e. treatment of black people or natives).
As Muslims we believe that everyone is accountable for his own actions and every one is born sin-free. Therefore, it is wrong to blame the current generation of 'whites' for the actions of their ancestors. One more creepy incident comes to mind. I knew this Palestinian girl once who was born and raised in Canada. A typical ultra-liberal lost soul. Anyways, one day me and my friend on our univeristy campus were pretending to be a gay couple mocking the recently legalised gay marriage in Canada. A coach in the University saw us and said 'so...they're lettin' fags into the University now!'. Man, I felt like shaking his hand for calling me a fag (I was just pretending of course). I thought people like him were extinct. When we told that girl about him she had the gall to say she would have reported him had she been in our place and she would have had him fired! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SHIT?!?!?! IT SOUNDS LIKE SOME CREEPY AND SURREAL AND FLOWERLY VERSION OF BIG BROTHER'S TOTALITARIAN THOUGHT & SPEECH CONTROLLED STATE!! Fucking dupes. So to conclude, as a minority, I agree with you, enforced diversity is a load of crap.


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