Thursday, December 4, 2008


Egalatrianism has destroyed Britain, and much of the West. The idea that all are equal, and can be made equal, is false. Men and women and not equal, all races are not equal-some races have better abilities than others, some have greater physcial abilties, some are more intellegent and some can govern countries better. Cleary Africans ave better physical abilties than Europeans, but are far less able to run countries. There has never been a successful African civilisation. That may be blasphemy to black power activists and whites, who are full of 'white guit' but it is the plain truth. Africa is not poor, due to Africa, or due to 'whitey,' or due to Africans. Africa has more natural resourses-coal, oil, gold etc. than any other part of the world-but its the basket-case of the world. In fact, blacks did not know of the wheel or of the spade, before the white man arrivied on the African continent. Cannibalism and child sacrifise was commonplace, just as it is now, since the white man left Africa. It is not that whites took the resources from whites, it is that blacks did not know how to extract the resources from the ground. Even now with white technology in Africa, blacks are able to extract the resources, but are unable to use them to make their countries better. Under white rule, recouses were extracted, sold, and at least some money wa sused to improve their countries, and some went back to Britain. Blacks hd education health and housing, which, even though was now of the same standard of the white man, were better than no education, health and housing like it is now under Black rule. This is why Africans will carry on flooding into Britian, this is why Africans will kill themselves trying to reach Britain, to live under 'whitey'-the same folks they threw about of Africa 50 years ago . They want the education, health and hosuing that white rule provides, and black rule cannot provide. Its nothing to do with white exploiting black countries- its all to do with the fact that blacks. Only return of white rule in Africa will stop immigration to Britian from Africa. Uncontrolled immigration to Britain will turn Britian into Africa, and will become just another third world hellhole. Its is the White Anglo Saxon Celtic Protestant people of these shores that made Britain, along with US, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand great-no one else.

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