Friday, December 5, 2008

Karen Matthews

There is an hour long Panorama programme about the Karen Matthews case. This is interesting and distinctive no doubt but hardly justifies the full treatment with the economy falling off a cliff and “our” so called Parliamentarians exposing themselves to yet more public ridicule and contempt for their sorry supine surrender to the Broon jackbook.
Why the full on treatment for Karen Matthews? Simple, it’s yet another attempt to portray our English working class people as scum, well past their sell date and due for replacement by “enriching” cultres. It is smear by association, look at the dysfunctional Matthews lot - aren’t all the white proles the same? Typical BBC propaganda and about as subtle as a smack in the face with a wet haddock, easy to decode from a nationalist perspective, how it plays generally is less clear.
Now Sharon Matthews is no doubt entirely unprepossessing, but what factors contributed to her dysfunctional, choatic life-style and descent into represensible criminality? Here I think we can identify the deindustrialisation wihich tore the guts out of our industrial communities - we have economic liberalism to thank for that. Then there is the social liberalism which deconstructed the traditional morality - the policeman was portrayed as a fascist, the vicar as a hopeless obscurantist, the headmaster as a petty tyrant and bully. The combination of these factors was toxic and the social glue was simply dissolved, nobody talked cohesion when it actually existed in spades.
It may be objected that the majority do not succumb, they just keep going on, doing their best for family and friends in trying circumstances. Perfectly true, but then not every smoker gets ill from the habit - many will though. It’s just a fact that if enough stress is put on then famillies and people will break down; worst of all it gets transmitted to the kids.
It’s one of life’s little ironies that the earmarked replacements for our people come from a harsh, authoritarian culture which keeps girls and women in line by killing them in extremis, should they be deemed to have trangressed far enough from community “morality”. In other words liberals have, by their constant sickening kow towing, bought into a system of social control vastly more harsh than that which they previously sought to dismantle.
Liberals no doubt despise Karen Matthews; but they are worse by far; fools, traitors, quislings, unnatural perverted creatures, self loathers, nation destroying scum

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