Friday, December 5, 2008

Brainwashing of white British children

Last night on Sky1, I watched 2 episodes of Futurerama. I won’t go in to detail at length, but suffice to say the program makers used that 60 minute prime time slot to instil upon the viewer the following connotations.
(1.). Being slightly overweight makes you a loser in the female attraction stakes.
(2). Holding hands and petting with others of the same sex is just so normal.
(3). Only black people are intelligent enough to understand base 8 maths.
Then we have Hollyoaks - a C4 program that exists just to promote 30 minutes of intense - casual interracial sex. Any breakups in these temporary relationships are always the fault of the white actors.
I see that similar plots are hatched on other programs including East Enders, Coronation Street. Emmerdale Farm, etc…
Even the adverts that run between the above programs suggest that the ethnicity – makeup of Britain has now reached 50% - which it clearly has not!
The propaganda that is upon us is intense. Personally, I think the British should sell their TV’s to whoever wants them, and put all of the money raised along with the savings of not having to fund the BBC’s mandatory license fee towards a brick built White History Centre/museum where they can take their children and reverse the brainwashing that’s being done to them.

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