Monday, December 8, 2008

Louis Theroux programme about crime in Johannesburg

Having just watched the Louis Theroux programme about crime in Johannesburg, it gave me a stark reminder of why we need to reclaim our land back. It used to be a lovely city with no crime years ago when a civilised culture ran it. Now it is just an anarchic cess-pit full of evil wicked crime. Even the liberal presenter could not be failed to be shocked by the brutality of the people, you could sense they were hoping to get a “blame the whites” angle, but even the liberal BBC couldn’t find one. Look at that city and London, Birmingham, Manchester etc. are not that far behind. If you just accept mass immigration by third world parasites then you will get what you deserve.
The complete collapse of the Marxist South African state can’t be many years behind Zimbabwe. I give it another five years. Predictions of 10 or 15 years are way too optimistic. In fact with the global recession now taking place meaning less foreign aid from the West, the country could go belly-up at any time.
Crime is endemic in SA but it’s only when you view something like Theroux’s documentary do you actually realise just how corrupt and cheap life there actually is. Gangs in Johannesburg have taken over hundreds of apartment buildings and rent them out to squatters who have no water or electricity. To a black this is running a business enterprise. After all why should whites have property when blacks can steal it from them. I feel sorry for any poor whites still forced to live there. It must be hell on earth. Apartheid may not have been the greatest system in the world but it must have been a hundred times better than what has now replaced it. It was an African solution for an African problem. But I see no light at the end of the tunnel for that benighted continent. It will soon revert to the Stone Age.
Like you I see the same future for the UK if people continue to vote for the insane Lib/Lab/Con political criminals and their policy of mass immigration

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