Monday, December 8, 2008

Orwellian nightmare

It really is becoming like an Orwellian nightmare now, this is the equivalent of thought crime, and I’m getting really scared for our future.
If you think in a wider context you could easily believe that a number of apparently disconnected policies are being run in parallel to achieve the same objecttive:
Mass imigration, not allowing the flying of the national flag, a single currency, etc to remove any form of individuality or identity.
The dumbing down of education, tv, etc to stop people from thinking & fill their heads with slogans, branding, and sound bites.
The continuous increases on taxation of alcohol & the smoking ban whilst cheap beer is available from the supermarkets to stop people from meeting socially - in case they talk to each other, which might cause them to think.
The passing of idiotic laws to allow the police to be used to achieve political goals (as in this case - in the US they even want to create a homeland security force for Christs sake - a kind of 21st Century paramilitary brown shirts).
The refusal to speak the truth or to allow the reporting of it, and many other disempowering policies.
The only way for this to be stopped is for the majority of the people to stand up & say no - unfortunately most of them can no longer think or understand what is happening, many others just don’t care since it doesn’t effect them directly yet (it only people like the “evil” BNP), and the ones who rely on Labour giving them huge piles of benefits, or are employed in beaurocratic public sector non-jobs will just do whatever they are told so that they don’t lose their income.
I believe that an economic collapse is coming, after which will be a one World (or one Western World) currency (as first proposed openly in 1943), after which will come a one World government, army, & police force, afeter which there really will be a foot stamping on a human face - forever.

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